I got a lot of candy on valentines day at school because we had a valentines party. When we were building the shed in the backyard I got to use a saw for the first time. I remember because it was fun. Papa Roger came to Arizona, to our house to help build the shed. I remember that Papa Roger in in between short and tall, he smoked, he has long white hair. He likes to fall asleep on the couch, and he snores when he sleeps. I remember that we lost our final football game, but we won most of the other games that season. I got to start playing Destiny in February. You get to collect guns and armor to make your light level go up, to a max level of 40 and max light level of 400. You have to shoot the enemies with your gun and there is a boss at the end of the levels. There was a lot of rain in February. We sit under the roof of the patio and watch the rain as a family. Once I tried to filled a cup with rain water, but it didn’t work, the cup was tipped over by the wind. So I had to give Dad a foot massage because I lost a bet in February. My room had to be clean, and it wasn’t completely clean, so I had to give Dad a foot massage.

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