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(14) Tammy Flosi
Fri, 31 December 2010
Jason, you are one handsome little boy! Grandma loves you.

(13) Mom and Dad
Fri, 12 October 2007
Jason, you are the best thing that has ever happened to us. You are our dream, our shining star, and you make us better people just by being our son. We love you JB and we are going to work really hard to be the best parents we can be for you. Much luv.


(12) Grammy Tammy
Sat, 13 October 2007
Jason: I always imagined a grandson and how wonderful it would be when you came, BUT it was even more special than I could have imagined. Your grandpa and I prayed for you and your parents every single day since before you were even concieved. You are so handsome and you are so wanted. God is AWESOME and I so thank him for you. Your daddy was so proud and was right there with your mom every minute. Your mom was such a trooper through everything, she is so special to us. You have two parents, grandparents, friends and God looking out for you and loving you. I can’t wait to teach you to ride horses and Granddpa Marty can’t wait to teach you to play golf. I am sure your daddy will teach you how to build your own web page soon:) I can’t wait to see you again, you have lit up our lives! We can’t wait until you come home so we can spoil you. Love you, Grammy Tammy PS Roger and Raquel, we love you. You are there for me, and I am always here for you. Hope you get some rest soon. God has certainly blessed us all with Jason!!!!


(11) Libby Bean Next door neighbor
Sat, 13 October 2007
Dear Raquel, Roger, Grammy Tammy, and Grandpa Marty, Congratulations on the arrival of your blessed baby boy. Jason, best of luck…you have a great family, and I wish you a long, happy and prosperous life. Love Auntie Libby


(10) Vicki Belanger
Sat, 13 October 2007
Congratulations, great job, Jason is beautiful!! What a wonderful family! Lilly can’t wait to pack you around, and win lots of ribbons for you! Best Wishes, Vicki


(9) Jeanie Fernandez
Sat, 13 October 2007
What a beautiful baby! We can’t wait to meet him in person! Hope to see you soon. Much love to you all


(8) Amy
Sat, 13 October 2007
Seth, Raquel, Grammy Tammy & Grandpa Gabriel, You have been blessed with the most handsome, angelic like baby boy I have ever seen. Your abundant love and wise guidance will assure JB a future full of promise. JB, I look forward to lots of kisses, hugs, holding and playing with you. We just need to be strategic in our time together…maybe when GT is on her horse or shopping for you??? Love & Thoughts for you all! Amy


(7) Uncle Jay and Aunt Amy
Sun, 14 October 2007
Happy Birthday to the newest member of our family, Jason Bradley. We wish you all the happiness and love that you deserve. Nous sommes la lumière ! Mon DIEU de mai bénissent vous et le vôtre. Mon DIEU de mai bénissent notre famille et nous maintiennent dans la lumière. We love you all!!!!


(6) Vicki Kinstner
Mon, 15 October 2007
Dear Jason, I told your mommy and daddy that there is nothing more beautiful than having a child to love. You are blessed with parents who are wonderful and will never allow a day to go by to tell you how much you are loved. But the bonus you get, is your wonderful grandparents who have dreamed of you for a very long time. They too, will shower you with love and hugs and kisses. Welcome to the world Jason! Your in for one incredible life. May God bless you and your wonderful family. Love Vicki


(5) Valerie-Rose…your future girlfriend
Mon, 15 October 2007
Hey cutie! I waited very patiently..all 16hours till you arrived and my mommy said I was being a very good girl=) You are soo cute and I can’t wait for us to play together and get in trouble together! Its going to be great fun.I have had the chance to get to hang out with your family for about 7months now and I gotta say, they are pretty darn cool! You will have so much fun! My mommy is going to take me over your house soon so we could play…hope you are ready!!!
(4) Chris & Daisy Knox
Mon, 15 October 2007
Welcome JB!We are all so very excited to have you here with us.Your mom was pregnant with you for 10 years but it was all well worth the wait once we got to see your sweet hansom face.Jason,you’ve got some great people in your life that love you very much…they even planted a tree…just for you!!! Your GMarty is gonna crack you up.Your GTammy will always give you the best hugs,plus she makes the BEST cookies,which Im sure you’ll love=)and your parents,well,they are both the coolest! So,you are all set kid! Strap your seat belt on-because you are in for a great ride!! We love you and can’t wait to see you again =)


(3) Kelly Hennessey
Mon, 15 October 2007
Jason, I haven’t met you yet, but I hope to soon. You look so beautiful in all of your pictures. Your parents are two of the most amazing, caring people I know. They have always been there for everyone around them and are great company to have around. You jave made the two of them so happy with your presence and I know you will continue to. You are such a lucky boy to have so much love in your life already. And your grandparents, they aren’t too bad themselves. Tammy is such a beautiful person, and Marty, well, look out for him. 🙂 I can’t wait to meet you, I’m so glad that you’re here. Kelly


(2) [email protected]
Wed, 21 November 2007
Happy Happy Tanksgiving Im her with your grandad wanting to look at your pictures


(1) Paul Johnson
Fri, 16 May 2008
Jason, I hope to get the pleasure soon of meeting you