My first day of 3rd quarter school was in January. The end of January was my brothers first day of school, ever! Christmas break was most of December. Something new is that I started Gifted Program, its when you ride a bus to the middle school for harder work. Not everyone gets to go, but I tested in. It makes me excited! I started playing Destiny, Daddy allowed me to play it and have “friends” on the Xbox, as long as my parents say its ok. I also started playing Fallout 4, and some other games, but my favorite was Destiny. I’m playing football this month, and we won 1 game, where I caught 2 passes, and 1 was for a touchdown! I started playing chess and checkers with Dad. On my last round with checkers, I got him down to 3 checkers, ah, so close. It feels like yesterday was summer break… and I don’t remember any other events in January.

I got overdrive for Christmas but I didn’t open it until like January 15th. When I opened it I thought it was awesome, A W E S O M E, awesome.

In January I remember watching, the Trolls Movie, Lego Ninjago, Spiderman because of “little stinker butt” (Jason’s younger brother Declin). Every morning every day we watched Inspector Gadget.


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