Daddy bought a lot of video games (Dad, here I didn’t buy them in May, but Jason discovered them in May). On the 25th it was the last day of 3rd grade. It was exciting because I finally didn’t need to do any more work. After school I went bowling, it was fun. It was Grandma’s birthday in May, we took her out to dinner at Sandbar in Desert Ridge. We celebrated mothers day in may, we went to a movie after church with Mom and Grandma. I set out to get light level 400 in Destiny, but I haven’t made it to that level yet. I’m still working on that. I relearned how to play mirrors edge. Mom said I started playing with my Kano again. A Kano is an electronic device you can learn how to code on.

I also finished reading all 3 of my space books. I’m into space again because I think space is cool. I have new responsibilities. They include vacuuming, dusting and trash. I have to vacuum and dust on every Saturday. I have to take the trash out every day. Dad told me that I get to stay up later now because I’m being more responsible. I get to stay up until 9:30 now. I think thats later then most other kids get to stay up.

I think its funny when Daddy tries to use the fish on me. The fish is when he puts his hand up and makes it go back and forth very quickly and tries to get it in my face. Its a very fun game. I started swimming last weekend.


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