I was in Disney Land in the beginning of October. I got to go on almost every ride. My favorite ride was California Screaming, and then comes Space Mountain. I learned that I like the jalapeño pretzels. I only won the race on the Car’s ride once. On the ride home we only took 1 stop, everybody but me had to go to the bathroom. It was a looooong ride.

jason_first_time_on_roller_blades_2016 jason_opening_birthday_present_2016

My birthday is in October! I got a few presents. I got a light saber crystal, a slap hand, and a star fish that crawls down the wall. On my actual birthday I got roller blades and a map. I felt soooo happy. I got to ride my roller blades with dad. It was the first time I have ever roller bladed. It was really late at night, when I roller bladed.

Mom got sick. I was sad and had to do more chores then usual. I had to get up earlier and make my lunch and help with Declin. I couldn’t watch TV much. I usually watch it a lot. Now dad gets up with me!

jason_zombie_halloween_costume_2016 jason_friends_halloween_costumes_2016

On halloween I got to carve a pumpkin. It was soooo fun! I was a blue ninja. I was supposed to wear blue pretend pads, but I didn’t. I got a lot of candy in my neighborhood. Then I went to grandma and granpas neighborhood and didn’t get much candy, only 2 houses had candy. I didn’t eat any of the candy, I just stole a fruit by the foot from grandma and grandpas! Before halloween I went to a halloween party at grandma and granpas house. I dressed up as a rotten zombie. If I practiced enough, I would have roller bladed to trick or treat because I wanted to roller blade around the neighborhood.

I lost all of my football games. We barely scored. I’m a running back that is very fast. In my last game I was about 3 feet in the air on a jump to almost get the ball down. I tipped the ball when it was 8 feet in the air or so. I haven’t scored a touchdown yet this season. Last season, I scored a lot.

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